86467247_oLet's talk about rituals sexuals abuses, commited against childrens, specialy young woman aren't spared. This type of violence is inscribed in rituals "magik" or "religious", derivated of satanism. But the satanism is himself instrumentalized by some category of powerfull people. The project?  they're many, like to improve the "mind control" to the population, create a clmate of therror with the people who are already under mind control, or simply jeopardize powerful people.

Little complilation on the existance of such sexual rituals abuse in French and Belguim..

For David Shurter, victim of US pedophilia network, linked to the "Franklin's case", which one has already spoken, the connexion between satanism and CIA name : "MK Ultra" from name of military project who search to control mentally the population (1), for this, illegals experiences have been protracted during many years, officialy until the 70's years, during which some drugs have been given to the test subject, put on them elecrto-chock, whilst they're been traumatized of all the way as possible, to make them malleable.

He's joined by Ted Gunderson, ex agent of FBI who has studied the question.

This rituals sexuals abuses exist in French too, in diferents type.

  • For exemple, we have some collective rape of children ranging until murder of children and cannibalism, are commited by a group without  any "folklore" - this means no prayers,  costusms, and specific rituals. But for the children it's the same; he's conditioned for participed of this horror, and for don't say anything, we make him complice to the crime, we oblige him to look murder of children, and sometimes we oblige him to make this murder.

In a certain extent, it's exactly the same for the Var's case and probably on the Belguim's story to the Outreau's case.

  • It exist some groups more elitist in which we can have simple orgy with underage and drugs, but also some ceremony with "folklore": specific costums, like a big red toga, with a big cross on it, some masks, candles, altar (communion table) some type of choregraphy and a strange language for say strange prayers.

It's probably what's happened to Perpignan's victims or to the children who are missing in French whose we don't have no news since they're vanishing.

86467278_oThis type of network has been exposed in Netherland as we can see than diferents murders not clarified (or bad clarified) have been commited by a kind of crazy sect, satanist and pedophile - whose memebers are on the ministry, on buisness and even on the royal family..

An interesting conversation between ex high-ranking official (even end 2012) Joris Demmink, a pedophile embroiled on the murder of Marianne Vaatstra (16y), and a memeber of minitry of justice demonstrate this people are totally able to produce a fake guilty for cover up the reals murderers, reals murderers are protected by the same minitry, and organize in same time a DNA fishing.

In most of the cases, rapes and murders are filmed.

We can wonder where come from this eight skull of children found in 2005 in Perpignan's garden?
And what about these tormentors of children discoverd in Paris? Whose sopken the judge Martine Baillon?
It's, as a whole, a "rumor" for the autority and for commercials medias.

What about these childrens, who have described the murders of other children, in which we forced these chlidren to participed more and more..

This case, who has been difused by France3, doesn't exist? (2)

FR3: Sacrifices D'Enfants *France* par Vannso

And this one "Annemasse"?

Messes noires et Snuff movies en FRANCE ! par confiteor-II

A victim during her chilhood of pedophile network explain : "If i speak today, it's because people should hear about these things. They should know these things are reals, childrens are raped and murdrered every day. It's a reality, I've lived this. I've seen it to my own eyes. People need to wake-up, need to realize what's happen for stopp to say childrens are liar or romancer". Indeed, ignored this reality it's like giving "carte blanche" (all power) to executioner. It's like allow this horror continue with impunity. Childrens who dare to denounce this frightfulness, and it's uncommon because usually, childrens stay with their headsman, chldren aren't belived.

For many reasons, first, by disbelief practiced by judge, in extrem case but far from being banal.

And this network, in var, with 16 child killings to his credit.

And what about to this satanist pedophilia network partially described by Véronique Liaigre, 12years ago?

Véronique Liaigre témoigne: Abus rituels... par JaneBurgermeister

Véronique and her two sisters has been raped during all their childhood by their parents, they've been prostitutes through the French, and in many more cournty. Parents were memebers of a very powerfull network, and childrens were sent hidden in trucks in diferents cities. The children were drugged, and some of them have assisted to killings of children. Obliviously, only the Liaigre parents were tried in the Court. Nobody spoke about the "Angers pedophilia network" while it's the same nebula. (3)

Like to Outreau, the rare guilty judged have been very strongly suspected to proxenetism. (4) But who paid? Who had money? Who had these big cars and who organized the "sex-group"? And why does everyone continue to shut up in the Liaigre's village to Jallais? If all the guilty have been convicted, if there is nothing to be afraid...

86467418_oVéronique Liaigre have also spoken about ceremony, with people who they claim to be Martisim, a dark satanisc current, create by Grand Master Freemason "Papus", who claims to be from Catholicism. She talked about Marin Wagon, missing in 1996, Véronique thinks Marin would have been retained for few time, in the Argenais district where Marion have been removed.(5) Strangely, we won't know any more. At which satanist orgy was intended for Marion Wagon? Did she has been massacred? Mystery...

And we shouldn't believe the Cholet's region to Angers has been cleaned to this crazy people. The network is still here. None of the murderers has been solved, it seem that, not even identified. At last, we must say this notable pedophilia network denounced by Véronique Liaigre, makes "sexual -makik" too, whorthy to Alistair Crowley and of Golden Dawn. However, tortures and how to destroy the children come from, for certain of them, from witchcraft. Whatever, in real, it's the same.

All this is happening in French, each time, they forced children to watch the rape and the killing of other children. They threathened the childrens to make the same thing if they speak. These tortures scenes are filmed, this is called a "snuff movies" and it's very expensive-Depending on horror, can reach 50 000 euros, even more for a specific orders.

And the childrens of Roche judge, killed by his sex-group's friends?

They still describe these same evenings, describe even humans sacrifices.
They describe how to the Alegre's case has been stifled for protect a few politicians, judges and buisnessman as shady as pervers. Unfortunatly, before to suicided himself, the father Roche have burned all his compromising documents and videos that he has accumulated against his buddies during his debauchery.

The childrens Roche, who received the testimony of their father shortly before his dead, have also talked about kinds of ceremonies, "during which are practiced kinds of rituals ranging  from the sacrifices of animals up to homicide". They add "which brings us to the darkest  evenings, sex group between bourgeois, become at the end, terribly more serious, more extrem, some things who all around the theme of mortification of flesh." The victims of these insane were people whose disappearance wouldn't result in any investigation ; homeless people, prostitutes (including minors), people without papers, (including children)(6). And all of this, according to the father Roche, justified by strange théories related by Nietzsche, as the relase of the individual by the transgression a delirium of the level of school. What célébrations, insn't it? And it are theses barbarians, who judge us, who rule the French and who make their buisness favor to the cooruption, bribery on the back of French people.

All their affair was detailed in their web site "www.affaireroche.com", but now, we can only see their web site by the web Archive.

86467430_oRegarding Belguim

Here it's the X1 witness, Regina Louf, who have testify for Dutroux's case. She have explain during all her childhood, she has been prostitute by her parents, fistly, on her grand mother's house, and on evenings where she saw several murders of children. It seem these murders were commited by only sadism, by crazy people, some which of them were high-ranking.

They was totally, about ten witness to evoked this sex-group in various villas, golfs ans castles through the Belgium.

Some of this witnesses have mentioned the same evenings in the same way, but with more ritual aspect.

However, even without this "folklore" rituals, the way which sevices are inflicted on children is worthy of the worst conditions and the result in the same for the victims. And we always have murders, gang rape, massive consumption of hard drugs  and alcohol. There is also, always, this system of blackmail, which allows everyone to stand by.

Regina Louf sur les réseaux pédophiles-Partie 1/4 par Tonino17-

Regina Louf sur les réseaux pédophiles-Partie 2/4 par Tonino17-

During the Dutroux affair and investigations on the pedophilia network-who-dosn't-exist, a witness spoke of satanists masses in Ghant, in high society, with rapes and sacrifices of woman (and animals), followed by orgy. And everyone drinks the blood of the victim, which is part of the few things common to all these crazy ceremony.

The track of the satanic cult WICCA  was also explored serioulsy, although it officialy gave nothing. However, WICCA is known to practice this kind of ceremony, in French as in the United States.

86467470_oAn other witness spoke of the murder of a young girl of 12y near Charlerois, in the 1980's, until the participants drink her blood.

X1, she also describes the killings of animals, such as "initiation" if you don't do what we say to you, we kills the cat, rabbit or other. then it's another child that it's about to kill, or yourself. And they joined the action to the speech. This often created a sort of amnesia among victims of this kind of shock. These moments are stored in a corner of the memory, and recur only piecemeal, years later.

Some childrens of the high society, or from families of hereditary unemployed, are initiated during they're young child to pornogaphy, and to make what they saw on the tapes.

An elderly woman of sixty years old in 1996, during her testimony in the Dutroux's case, said that : all her life, she was abused by her father and knowledge during satanic partys.

This witness speaks about notaries who are memebers of the sect, the headquarters of this group is the Hotel du Lac in Zurich, victims comes from the counrties of the east, this witness knows
accurate paces.

Regarding Belgium and Netherlands..


The story is also repeating in USA, England, Spain, Netherlands, today In a very clearly way, to who wants to see. In USA, we've seen rituals abuses inside military bases, by the too famous Michael Aquino. Others were attributed to Jeffrey R MacDonald in Fort Bragg. I've already talked about USA (Franklin's case, "the Finder's" network, rituals and sexuals abuses in the MacMartin's nursery school, some sexual abuses cases or rituals murders identified...),  we won't dwell on it...

One spoke also much about the Netherlands and this satanic network pédo high officials, magistrates, politicians and even of family members royal. Unpunished network until now, but testimonies start to arrive, like that of Toos Nijenhuis, who indicates even a place of sacrifices of children still used at the end of 2010. Among the assassins, one finds as by chance prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands, the father of the queen Beatrix, former Nazi and founder of Bilderberg. But, one will have the opportunity of reconsidering this business.

The questions come from themselves:

> Why such a silence on the worst crime, committed daily in France and elsewhere?
> Why the media speak about it don't, them which are so fond of delicacies gravelly scoops? -
>  Why does no investigation concerning these networks never succeed? -
> Where are the videos of these crimes, since thousands of films of this kind circulate, including via the Web?
> And where is the money? To ask these questions, it is to answer it.

Obviously let us imagine a completely impossible thing in France: a politician is compromised this manner since years, and it reaches the highest post offices of the Republic. Not very advisable people hold it by the coke and also by the videos of these orgies and other ceremonies to which it was present. Does it have interest so that the investigation concerning one of the victims of this network comes to a end? Does it have interest so that the general public knows which it is and which are his/her friends?

So magistrates were present also at the time of the “evenings”, the cops, of the journalists, then soup is perfect, the conspiracy of silence is assured.

As this kind of violence which one calls “ritual sexual abuses” is supposed not to exist on our premises, there is no study on the subject.

86467491_oIn the USA, a Bottoms, Shaver and Goodman's study, published in 1993 raised 2,292 cases of allegations of sexual abuses made within a ritual framework. In this business, 15% of the authors acknowledged when they were adult victims, and 30% in the business concerning of the children.

The common point with all these ritual abuses is the destruction of the victim's personality. Often, this destruction starts at the age where the children learn how to walk, and evolves gradually. These practices have course since centuries in certain elitist mediums.


To conclude, I leave the word to a victim of these networks pédocriminels and satanic which make the law in French, and absorb the children in the worst sufferings. I removed only some passages for his anonymity:

I was tortured, molested, raped, beaten, humiliated, prostitute by my adoptive parents, members of this family, and by many other people…

Today, I know that I was victim of a network pédocriminel satanic It is my history, it is my past, it is my present, it is my future…

But I know that nothing any more will be as before… To manage to write these some lines, it was necessary much time for me… (...)

During all these years, obsessed night and day by horrible images which do not require the permission to emerge, I do not have of another solution to relieve itself of this “harassing”, unless dissolving in hatred to try to understand.

In order to face and to tame my old demons, I finally dare to penetrate my past with sometimes impotent and fragile words to express the unimaginable one and the appalling one. In my black days, I flee not to fall into hatred.

In the wake of my torturers in costumes ties, often, I see these tortured little angels, humiliated, sacrificed…

In the middle of this pain, nobody can reach me and join me. The consequences of the undergone ill-treatments reduced to me to be only one open wound and my body kept irreversible physical after-effects of them. Per hour, where I should have dreamed to become principal dancer or clown, I already carried in me this stain. Throughout my childhood, I dreamed of another life, but the life broke my dreamed…

I dreamed of a heart so large that mine can find place there, but my first “prince charming” was the assassin of my childhood…

I spoke, but the truth remains hidden. The way of the truth is long when justice is not free!

I wandered in the life like a vagrant, only. The horror exceeds me and their cries tear my life. The day rises, the night fall and in my heart nothing changes.

In my hidden doubts and my disarmed moments, the skinned child that I am, seek to take refuge.

Through the evils, I let myself die and yet, I have to say so much. Tied fear to live, my words are burned, my evils are dissimulated in the bite of the memories.

I consulted therapeutists, many those which required of me not to speak about my hell.

Can be because this reality is intolerable, frightened and appears unreal ?

I can affirm that there exists a global area network pédocriminel with an operation and a strongly structured hierarchy.

However, the insupportable does have to make us close the eyes ?

NOT, do not do it, I beg you, because when you close the eyes, a child dies or disappears… And this child can be or become your daughter, your boy, your little girl or your small son, your niece, your neighbor, a friend…

In front of the impotence of the medical community, and the refusal of certain people to believe me, I left little by little my darkness in order to beat me to make burst the truth.

Many will say that this account even concerns science fiction of mythomania or worse still, but I am from now on ready to take the chance of it. I know what I lived and it will be necessary that the company accepts this reality.


With the wire of the months, I learn how to live…

For now three years, a therapeutic, psychological and psychiatric assumption of responsibility have been installation so that I can exteriorize all the horrors of which I was victim and pilot.

However some questions obsess me:

Who will be ready to hear the voices of all the victims ?

Which judge, which prosecutor, which lawyer, which policy, which citizen will agree to hear what we have to say and help us so that ceases these massacres?

Do you know what become the hundreds of children qu disappear in France*, in Portugal, in Belgium, in Europe, in Italy ?

Me I know it, because I saw of them tens, hundreds of all ages, violated, tortured, massacred, assassinated by enlightened that the social statuses save of all suspicions. *

In 2000, the figure of the Ministry for Justice Française was of more than 800 which never returned to the house.

In 2004, there was more than 600.

Today, the paedophilia became a social cancer because beyond individual perversion, it is a question of fighting the people and sometimes even whole institutions which, behind their legitimated and respected social function, protect and thus guarantee the pedocriminality in all its forms.

 Do not close the eyes on all these babies, children, young people who died and who continue to die because of the cruelty of men and women. Let us give them the right to have a burial and give me the right to find my dignity of child, teenager and young woman…

Despite everything, I try to continue to believe in the man and the Life.

I know that tomorrow the sun will be shining, and that in my body the life will flower again…

However, my life is only survival but I am changing. The melancholy and the unhappiness take the step on my revolt.

I want any with nobody, but I remain deeply marked by the contempt, spite, the attitude of some. As a prisoner who D tames freedom, me, I had to relearn to live thanks to the words…

The words are windows which enable me to survive. My combat exhausts me, I fight for all these small victims, these massacred little angels, tortured, sacrificed against considerable money sums and all that in “the ignorance” of our company and the indifference of justice.

Do not forget us

Do not wall us in our silence

Do not bury us in our hell

Don't be afraid of us

Listen to my pain in the name of their memory.

Listen to squeak their tears.

There is travel from where one does not return…

The life wanted to destroy me, but I understood


1) It should be noted that Dr. Ewen Cameron, who has tested drugs, electroconvulsive therapy, sensory deprivation, and so forth, on Guinea pigs (cobayes) that were not voluntary under this program MK Ultra, has been one of the presidents of the American Psychiatric Association, who writes every four years the DSM, which lists mental diseases official and authoritative in psychiatric matters.

2) Moreover, today France 3 made as if this story had never existed: If you request a copy or reference, told you that there is not, never existed!

3) However, in the case of the network of Angers as in Outreau, those who pulled the strings of the network were even not worried. We still read in Paris newspaper, in 2005, "a statement is still underway in Angers for recognize unidentified individuals hidden under hoods for raped the children". This is a classic case of manipulation sabotage of an investigation, as in Outreau: separates files in order to obtain a maximum of acquittals, non-places, see we bury downright annoying Affairs without even do mine to organize a trial. Moreover, it may be noted the similarity with the network of Outreau: unemployed who live allowances praise their children to more or less identified persons but who manage to pull themselves from the clutches of justice, and for the highest of them, to not even being molested.

4) The Mother Liaigre, Marie pierre Collasseau took 16 years in prison in 2001, her husband Georges Liaigre took only 12 years old but pimping charges were left aside in their cases, unlike Outreau. They appealed.

5) What is probably an incomplete track, because the place designated by Véronique in Granges-sur-Lot as being the one where the little Marion would be buried was raided without anything give it seems.

6) - It should be noted that on the big time Alegre, nearly 200 dead were  "mysterious", in addition to the many murders classified as suicides.