26 juillet 2014

In France too, Satanists slaughter children...

Let's talk about rituals sexuals abuses, commited against childrens, specialy young woman aren't spared. This type of violence is inscribed in rituals "magik" or "religious", derivated of satanism. But the satanism is himself instrumentalized by some category of powerfull people. The project?  they're many, like to improve the "mind control" to the population, create a clmate of therror with the people who are already under mind control, or simply jeopardize powerful people. Little complilation on the existance of such sexual... [Lire la suite]
01 juillet 2013

About the satanic & pedophile practices of the English royal family

The elite pedophile ring in England isn’t a myth unfortunately. In the 80’s we heard of a pedophile ring in Kincora Boys Home in Belfast created by the MI6. Shortly afterwards it was the orphanages in Wales. Then those of London, Scotland & finally Jimmy Saville went down. Today everything is done to cover up the biggest scandal of all: The implication of the royal family in this pedophile ring. So we’re going to talk about Satanism, pedophile crimes & a strange affair of a ceremony going wrong in the south of France.   ... [Lire la suite]